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Are you an experienced Engineer, Scientist, or Technical Writer looking to use your skills to help companies succeed while maintaining flexibility in your schedule? 


Our Team of Consultants might be the right fit for you.   


"I’ve worked as a technical writing consultant for Irwin & Associates for four years. As a working mother, my schedule can be unpredictable. Irwin & Associates has consistently provided the flexibility and dependability that I need to be able to provide for my family and be present when I’m needed most. I have the option to take on short or long-term assignments and am matched with clients that fit into my schedule, perfectly! The clients are also first-rate, allowing me to contribute in ways that grow my skills and expertise. Irwin & Associates sets you up for success and I am so thankful to be part of this incredible consulting firm!"


"I've really enjoyed working with Irwin & Associates consultants at multiple companies over the past 10 years. It's not just a group of experienced professionals--it's also a very collegial and supportive group who help each other out and who like to get together for dinners, picnics, escape rooms, and wine tastings.  And I&A takes care of all the parts I don't like in consulting projects (contracts and billing negotiations, etc.) so I can focus on the consulting work that I enjoy."


"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Irwin & Associates (I&A) team and appreciate the connection with other highly skilled professionals. Working with I&A allows me the best of both worlds to work as a consultant and have access to the collaborative team bonding experiences of a company. Barbara, Owner of I&A, provides regular company get-togethers so we can all get to know each other to help us feel more connected. She makes working so much more efficient and effective since she has access to a strong network of many potential clients."


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